Acorn Ridge Beef is Scotch Highland Beef

Here at Acorn Ridge Highlands, we specialize in raising Scotch Highland cattle. Unlike most other breeds of cattle, Scotch Highlands do not need to store extra body fat to stay warm (the Highland is insulated by long, shaggy hair). This fact has led Scotch Highlands to become world-renowned as a lightly marbled, fine of grain, and distinctively flavourful beef.

Acorn Ridge Highlands is often referred to as one of the country's most progressive breeders, because of our commitment to raising our cattle as naturally as possible. Unlike most other cattle-growers, our Acorn Ridge Highlands are raised on natural feed - free of antibiotic treatment and steroid implants. The fact that our Scotch Highland cattle are naturally hardy and disease resistant helps us to achieve this goal.

As their name suggests, Scotch Highland cattle originated on the islands of Scotland. In the British Isle, Highland beef is recognized as the finest available and fetches premium prices. It is interesting to note that, for many centuries, Highland beef has been the beef of preference for the Royal dining tables, and the Queen of England maintains her own herd at Balmoral Castle, near Braemar, Scotland.

All of our customers are ensured of receiving the highest quality Scotch highland beef because all of our beef is fully aged for optimal flavor and tenderness.

highland icon Benefits of Acorn Ridge Beef

  • Indiana State Inspected Beef.
  • Acorn Ridge Highlands raises their own cattle without antibiotic feed treatment or steroid implants.
  • Beef is an excellent source of complete, high quality protein, and eating small amounts of lean beef every day may actually complement a low-fat, low-cholestorol diet.
  • Beef supplies many of the important minerals and vitamins, including zinc, and several B-complex vitamins!
  • Scotch Highland beef is lightly marbled, fine of grain, and distinctively flavourful.
  • Highland beef has been the preference for the Royal dining tables for many centuries, and the Queen of England maintains her own herd at Balmoral Castle!
  • All Acorn Ridge beef has been fully aged for optimal flavor and tenderness.
  • "In tests conducted by independent laboratories in Oklahoma and Colorado, Highland beef was compared against beef purchased from local supermarkets. The results showed that highland beef was lower in cholesterol and had 36% less fat!

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Why Highland Beef - Our father was recovering from his third open heart surgery, and many members of our family were being diagnosed as having high cholestorol levels. However, we did not want to sacrifice the enjoyment of a delicious steak or juicy hamburger from time to time.

It was important to us to find an alternative to the beef available in most grocery stores and butcher shops. We analyzed over 150 different breeds of cattle to find the one breed that best suited our needs. We decided on the Scotch Highland for many reasons. This particular breed sounded like it would meet our criteria - lower in fat and cholestorol, but without sacrificing the flavor and tenderness of fine cuts of beef.

We then set out to purchase some of this beef for our personal use. However, after doing so, we found availability was very limited. Most "cattle" people were not interested in the Scotch Highland due to its slower growth rate, thus making it very costly for them to raise. We felt the best way to try it was to raise a couple of our own. we were very excited about our results and felt there were others with the same needs as ours.

Acorn Ridge Beef

Providers of High Quality Beef


Individual Cuts

Ground Beef (Extra Lean)

$5.80 per lb.

Ground Chuck

$6.29 per lb.

Ground Round (Naturally Extra Lean)

$6.48 per lb.

Ground Sirloin

$6.67 per lb.

Filet Mignon

$22.67 per lb.

*Porterhouse Steak

$16.59 per lb.

*T-Bone Steak

$16.59 per lb.

New York Strip Steak

$15.86 per lb.

Rib-Eye Delmonico Steak

$15.61 per lb.

Sirloin Boneless Steak

$14.26 per lb.

Flank Steak (Whole or Sliced)

$11.08 per lb.

*Sirloin Tip Steak

$7.79 per lb.

Round Steak

$7.04 per lb.

Cubed Steak

$6.04 per lb.

Filet Mignon Roast

$22.67 per lb.

*Rib Roast

$15.12 per lb.

*Tri Tip Roast

$9.82 per lb.

Rolled Rump Roast

$7.93 per lb.

Sirloin Tip Roast

$7.88 per lb.

Chuck Roast

$6.79 per lb.

Eye of Round Roast

$6.67 per lb.

1" Steak Cubes for Kabobs

$6.92 per lb.

Boneless Brisket

$7.25 per lb.

Canned Beef Chunks (27oz)

$7.00 per can

Ox Tail

$5.17 per lb.

Soup Bones

$3.97 per lb.

*Short Ribs

$4.99 per lb.

Heart, Liver, or Tongue

$3.91 per lb.

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*Indiana State Inspected Beef*

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Our priority is your satisfaction. All Acorn Ridge Beef is high quality, tender, flavorful, and free of antibiotic feed treatments and steroid implants.


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